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BaşlıkBosna'da Bir Türk Geleneği "Sevdaluk" (Tuzla-Teoçak Örneği)
Kısa Başlık
ÖzetApart from other Balkan nations, when the Ottoman Empire conquered Bosnia, Bosnians were Bogomil. As the moral views matched quite suitability with Turks, they became Muslims in a very short time. This historical change was a milestone for Bosnians. Because they revised their living conditions according to the Islamic norms. Bosnian Muslims, apart from Christians, adopted some of the customs from Turks that were prosecuted in order to harmonize the society that were suggested by Hz. Muhammed known by all the Muslims .One of them was that during the hegira in Medina, Hz. Muhammed declared Ensar and Muharicini as brothers which is called Muahat. The second one was Baciyan-ı Rum that became common during the establishment of the Ottoman Empire which provided the Turkish women organize in the conquered areas. "Sevdaluk" which was found among the Bosnian Muslim women being inspired from the history of Islam and Turks considered as a continuation of Muahat and Baciyan-I Rum from the previous century. The meaning of this word which passed from Turkish into Bosnian was love and affection. There were some reasons constituting "Sevdaluk". These were; providing the children's education in a well-conditioned occasion, borrowing money for constructing houses, helping each other in agricultural activities, embracing the Muslim orphans left behind the war. The elder women of two different families who were living in the same village or neighborhood were making the "Sevdaluk" partnership with a ceremony. After that ceremony, all the male and female members of those families began to see each other as relatives; give support morally and materially even in trouble. After setting up " Sevdaluk", the families never have any problems. Those were like relatives and act together in their education. Also, the relationships between the children were always brotherly. The young of "Sevdaluk" families didn't get married supposing that they have a blood relation between the two. The "sevdaluk" custom, made the bounds stronger between Bosnian Muslims and so had an important contribution in becoming a community. At the base of today's Bosnia- Herzegovina the effects of Sevdaluk custom which was found by women cannot be ignored. (English)
YazarTeki̇n, Cemile, Teki̇n, Cemile
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Dizi Metni
Dergi KısaltmasıElectronic Turkish Studies
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Sayfa Sayısı507
KünyeTeki̇n, Cemile ve Teki̇n, Cemile. “Bosna'da Bir Türk Geleneği "Sevdaluk" (Tuzla-Teoçak Örneği)” A TURKISH CUSTOM IN BOSNIA (TUZLA- TEOÇAK EXAMPLE). (English) , , 507.