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BaşlıkEntrenching the English Language in a British Colony: Curriculum Policy and Practice in Trinidad and Tobago
Kısa BaşlıkEntrenching the English Language in a British Colony
Yayın AdıInternational Journal of Educational Development
ÖzetThis paper recognizes that the teaching of English was an objective in British colonial expansion, and investigates some approaches used in schools to accomplish this end at a time when learners already had a basic grasp of the language. The Colony used in this example is Trinidad and Tobago, and the period immediately prior to closure of over a century of British rule is the time frame in which the paper is cast. Data were drawn from observations about the English language curriculum used at the time. Log books kept by individual schools, "Notes" and "Forecasts" of lessons devised by individual teachers, and Government Reports on the teaching and learning of English in elementary or first cycle schools provide the main data sources. A historical-structural analysis is used to interpret the data gathered. The investigation reveals adoption of four major strategies to ensure not only dominance of, but also perpetuation in, English language usage locally. These comprise a packaging formula which guaranteed omnipresence of English in the classroom agenda; a pedagogical approach emphasizing the mechanics of grammar and syntax; a grammar syndrome to ensure punctiliousness in language use; and certain ideological frames to entrench supremacy of the English language in the consciousness of learners. The paper concludes that the English-language base in Trinidad and Tobago did in fact become fortified, but that some variants to the standard form also emerged.
YazarLondon, Norrel A.
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Yayın Tarihi12/04/2020 00:22:37
Sayfa Sayısı97-112
KünyeLondon, Norrel A.. “Entrenching the English Language in a British Colony: Curriculum Policy and Practice in Trinidad and Tobago” International Journal of Educational Development , 12/04/2020 00:22:37, 97-112.