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BaşlıkBosnalı Mehmed Fazıl Paşa'nın Divanı'nda Mahalli Öğeler
Kısa Başlık
ÖzetThe Balkan Peninsula, situated in south-eastern Europe and neighbouring Anatolia, has been a territory densely populated by Turks since ancient times. Despite earlier settlement, the Turkish cultural and literary activity started flourishing in 14th and 15th centuries. The patronage and the encouragement of the margraves, the Ottoman frontier lords, were very effective on the emergence of Turkish culture and literature in the Balkans. In addition to being responsible for defending the Ottoman frontiers in Europe, the margraves were also interested in poetry and literature and their tolerant treatment of poets and authors contributed to the development of Turkish culture and literature in the Balkans. Thanks to the interests and support the poets and authors got from the margraves, they gathered around the lords' mansions and started producing literary works. The statistical research based on the biographies of the poets reveals that some cities and towns occupied a leading role in their contribution to Turkish culture and literature. New-town of Vardar, Pristina, Prizren, Kosovo, Thessaloniki, Ruse, and Skopje are among such principal cities and towns. Fazlullah born in Sarajevo, and the actual name is Muhammad Fazil Pasha, Mehmet Şerifzâde divan poet gave works of literature in a final circuit of the statesman. Edirne, Bosnia, such as Istanbul and İzmîd official positions in different cities of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmet Fazil Pasha, the owner of a diwan is quite voluminous. Functioning using the pseudonym Mehmet Fazil and plenty of faith in his poems, Fazil Pasha Mevlevî Court has also included local elements of the Ottoman Empire grew up in different cities and towns with regional cities Ponder He mentioned in his poems. We in this paper, and several other poems Bosnia Bosnia attribut anipe cities of Thrace, who wrote an ode to the Court of Mehmed Pasha, the local and regional Fazil, in particular, we will focus on items related to his hometown and the surrounding area. (English)
YazarZavotçu, Gencay, Zavotçu, Gencay
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Dergi KısaltmasıElectronic Turkish Studies
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KünyeZavotçu, Gencay ve Zavotçu, Gencay. “Bosnalı Mehmed Fazıl Paşa'nın Divanı'nda Mahalli Öğeler” IN BOSNIAN MEHMED FAZIL PASHA DÎWÂN'S ITEMS OF LOCAL. (English) , , 411.