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BaşlıkLanguage Border and Linguistic Legislation in Belgium
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Yayın AdıMichigan State International Law Review Forum Conveniens
ÖzetBelgium is a trilingual country with the federal organization, consisting of four different entities constituted on the basis of language. The linguistic groups that comprise Belgian population have a long history of conflict. For many years, tensions between French and Dutch-speaking areas have been ameliorated through the principle of “territoriality". The principle of territoriality has resolved some tensions between linguistic groups by guaranteeing linguistic rights within geographic boundaries. But it has not fully resolved those tensions. The Belgian experience in dealing with a multicultural and multi-linguistic polity clearly will provide valuable insights for other national groups wrestling with ever-increasing heterogeneity among their linguistic populations. More importantly in the short term, however, is the ongoing struggle for dominance between French and Dutch speakers within Belgium. As this paper will explore, this linguistic battle will also yield insights for addressing bilingual tensions within existing geopolitical entities.
YazarKużelewska, Elżbieta
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KünyeKużelewska, Elżbieta. “Language Border and Linguistic Legislation in Belgium” Michigan State International Law Review Forum Conveniens , , 1-12.