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BaşlıkTürkiye’nin Suriyeli Sığınmacıların Eğitim Sorununun Çözümüne Yönelik İzlediği Politikalar
Kısa Başlık
Yayın AdıSDÜ Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi
ÖzetTurkey is facing one of the greatest immigrations in its history. According to the official data, number of the Syrians that had refuged to Turkey since April 2011 is about 700000. In order that number of refugees and time of taking refuge have increased to numbers that are much more than anticipated, and that the process is being embedded in ambiguity, this makes it an obligation to give more importance to the educational dimension of the problem. The developments about the solution of educational problems of Syrian refugees constitute the subject of this study. In this investigation, documental analyses were performed on official documents and statements about the subject and the news reflected to the printed media, and the data gathered by this way were descriptively analyzed. It is understood that, the increase in the number of refugees, together with the fact that most of them were dispersed outside the camps, resulted in educational problems that are hard to be solved, as in other problems. It is concluded that Turkey has made important decisions directed to solve the educational problems outside the camp, and has made important effort to implement these decisions, since 2013. Also it is evaluated in this study that, enlightenment of the public opinion, about the decisions made in those extraordinary circumstances, was far away from being enough, and this resulted in anxiety in the people and expostulations arising from the community.
YazarSeydi, Ali Rıza
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Sayfa Sayısı267-305
KünyeSeydi, Ali Rıza. “Türkiye’nin Suriyeli Sığınmacıların Eğitim Sorununun Çözümüne Yönelik İzlediği Politikalar” SDÜ Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi , , 267-305.