Endangered Languages: Language Loss and Community Response.

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BaşlıkEndangered Languages: Language Loss and Community Response.
Kısa BaşlıkEndangered Languages
ÖzetThis edited volume provides an overview of issues surrounding language loss from sociological, economic, and linguistic perspectives. Four parts cover general issues in language loss; language-community responses, including native language instruction in school, community, and home; the value of language diversity and what is lost when a language dies; and mechanisms of language loss. Most specific discussions are concerned with Native American languages in both North and Latin America. Chapters include: (1) "Western Language Ideologies and Small-Language Prospects" (Nancy C. Dorian); (2) "Toward a Typology of Language Endangerment" (Lenore A. Grenoble, Lindsay J. Whaley); (3) "Technical, Emotional, and Ideological Issues in Reversing Language Shift: Examples from Southeast Alaska" (Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer); (4) "Mayan Efforts toward Language Preservation" (Nora C. England); (5) "A Chronology of Mohawk Language Instruction at Kahnawa:ke" (Kaia'titahkhe Annette Jacobs); (6) "Language Endangerment in South America: A Programmatic Approach" (Colette Grinevald); (7) "The Significance of Diversity in Language Endangerment and Preservation" (Marianne Mithun); (8) "On Endangered Languages and the Importance of Linguistic Diversity" (Ken Hale); (9) "Living Words and Cartoon Translations: Longhouse 'Texts' and the Limitations of English" (Christopher Jocks); (10) "Documenting Rhetorical, Aesthetic, and Expressive Loss in Language Shift" (Anthony C. Woodbury); (11) "Impact of Language Variation and Accommodation Theory on Language Maintenance: An Analysis of Shaba Swahili" (Andre Kapanga); (12) "A Way to Dusty Death: The Matrix Language Turnover Hypothesis" (Carol Myers-Scotton); and (13) "Copper Island Aleut: A Case of Language 'Resurrection'" (Nikolai Vakhtin). Contains over 300 references, indexes of languages and names, and a general index. (SV)
EditörGrenoble, Lenore A., Whaley, Lindsay J.
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Yayın YeriNew York
YayıncıCambridge University Press
Yayın Tarihi1998
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Künye Endangered Languages: Language Loss and Community Response.. Haz., Grenoble, Lenore A. ve Whaley, Lindsay J.. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1998.